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Sunday Afternoon Shows Starting In December 2020

Sunday Shows Starting In 2021

NOTE: we want to do these regularly on Sunday afternoons in the cooler months, but haven't found a location because of flu fears. We put off doing a December show because the TCA has planned a show for Dec. 19th.

At the Train and Slot car show held Oct 17th, some discussion was held about doing parking lot meets on Sunday afternoons.

These will be simple flea market type affairs where sellers would sell out of the back of their vehicles or off tables they brought with them.

There would be no cost to attend or sell. Actually almost no organization at all. Just show up about 3:30 on Sunday afternoon, and then pack up and leave a few hours later.

These will be open to all types of boys toys. The first one should be in early 2021.

At the Desert Division show on Nov. 14th we saw that these are worth doing. We no longer have the email list so if you are interested in learning more about the Sunday shows -

Also, if you own a property where we can meet on Sunday afternoon and are willing to let us use it, let us know with the email link above.

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